The use of surgical drapes have been common practice in hospitals for a long time, used mainly to avoid contaminating surfaces and keep tools clean until they need to be used. They're a good way of keeping up a good hygiene and are generally high quality laminates that helps prevent liquids from getting on surfaces. The use of surgical drapes has been important for many years, giving doctors and nurses an easy and quick way of using stuff on surfaces without worrying about potential germs and other unsavory things. Nurses and doctors will continue using these likely for many decades, if not centuries, more and they'll never stop being a useful within hospitals. There's many ways for these institutions to acquire these, though generally they are bought directly from manufacturers rather than any regular shops.

Hygiene products

One of these manufacturers are Finess Hygiene whom manufacture all sorts of hygiene products specifically for hospitals though they do have some products that regular folks can buy from them as well from shops and stores. The surgical drapes from Finess Hygiene naturally does hold the high quality required for them to be used in hospitals, being multilayered and with laminated surfaces to avoid liquids from leaking through them. Though they have laminates that are specifically for surgeries too, having even more layers and top quality plastic that can be sterilized through ETO / Gamma to ensure there's no risk to the patient during the surgery. They also offer their drapes in different colors for their clientele too.